Getting Started

Ready to get started on ridesharing? You can learn more about your rideshare options as an L.A. County employee using the links below. Sign up for the Commuter Benefit Plan, learn about the Guaranteed Ride Home and Telework Programs and read about County policies and procedures regarding ridesharing here:

Read All About It

Find Your Rideshare Match

Ready to rideshare but need to find employees who need a ride near you? Utilize the site below or contact your department’s ETC for additional assistance.


Vanpooling is another method of ridesharing, and employees are encouraged to form independent vanpools with co-workers or nearby employees. There are currently two vanpool service providers for Los Angeles County:

  • Learn about Enterprise vanpools at or call 1-800-VAN-4-WORK.

To learn more about vanpooling options outside of L.A. County, visit Metro’s Vanpool.

Metro Resources