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The Commuter Service Center is dedicated to providing high-quality rideshare assistance and helpful information. Located on the second floor of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, the Commuter Service Center is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Public Transportation
Employees are encouraged to take public transit at least one day a week. Take the bus or the MTA Light Rail to work and reduce traffic.

Red Line – Transit service from North Hollywood to Union Station
Blue Line – Transit service from Long Beach to Union Station
Green Line – Transit service from Norwalk to Redondo Beach
Gold Line – Transit service from Pasadena to Union Station

Metrolink Services

For information on commuter rail service lines to the Antelope Valley Line, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and the Inland Empire/Orange County Line call  1-800-371-LINK or


Employees are encouraged to rideshare to work at least one day a week. Sharing the ride 50 percent of the distance, employees can reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. For ridematch service contact your local Employee Transportation Coordinator or dial 511.


Employees are encouraged to form independent vanpools with co-workers or near-by employees. Contact Enterprise vanpools at 1-800-VAN-4-WORK or click

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)

Employees that Rideshare are eligible for a “guaranteed ride home” in emergency situations.  So there is no need to be anxious about Ridesharing; GRH was designed to get you home in case of illness or an emergency.  Contact your ETC for more information.


A management option, teleworking at least one day a week can benefit both the employer and the employee. Once approved by management, employees sign an agreement, receive training and track cost savings to both the employer and employee. The environmental benefits are amazing and work productivity can increase. Dial 213-974-2619 for more information.

Rideguides and Rideshare Matching

For personalized information on potential rideshare partners, public transit services in your area, park-and-ride lots and vanpools, dial 511 or click

Countywide Rideshare Assistance

For additional rideshare information or assistance, contact the Department of Human Resources, Workplace Programs at

Take Pride, Share the Ride.