Top Ten Tips to Increase your AVR

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  1. Understand your ECRP Plan
    • The most common reason a site tends to fall behind in their plan implementation is because the ETC does not thoroughly read or understand the ECRP plan. The plan should be read often enough to be known by heart. Please contact your ETC manager or Countywide ETC for more details.
  2. Promote the Guaranteed Ride Home Program
    • If employees know that the program is available, they will have less anxiety about being without their vehicle. The better employees feel about Ridesharing, the more likely they will participate.
  3. Stay organized
    • If you maintain an organized tracking system or method for ensuring implementation of your ECRP plan, it will help to identify areas in which you may increase your marketing and/or incentives to increase your AVR.
  4. Provide information
    • Typically a solo driver may not know the advantages of Ridesharing. Sharing information at Rideshare events, in bulletin board postings, e-mail blasts and flyers helps get the information out. Ridership is more likely to increase by keeping employees informed about the benefits of Ridesharing.
  5. Provide Incentives
    • Whenever possible, provide incentives for Ridesharing that will entice employees who do not rideshare to give it a try. You may also offer incentives for those existing Ridesharers as a thank you for Sharing the Ride.
  6. Talk to employees regularly
    • Keep employees in the loop and inform them of new Ridesharing news not just by sending or posting the information, but go out into your employee’s areas and talk to them about Ridesharing. You may find new perspectives to help market Ridesharing more effectively.
  7. Be helpful
    • Sometimes when helping an employee, it may take longer than anticipated to find a route or plan their commute. Try not to keep the employee and do the Ridematching or route planning and get back to them with the information.
  8. Sometimes Ridesharing may not be an option, but creating an option may work
    • For those employees who have schedules or worksites that may not be conducive to Ridesharing, you may want to ask the employee if they are interested in creating that option. Ask the employee if they are willing to start a Vanpool or Carpool. This will enable them to create the Ridesharing option that works for them.
  9. Use your AVR survey results
    • For all sites that conduct an AVR survey, the results tabulated by Metro include demographic information in terms of Ridesharers and solo drivers. You can use this information to target your marketing efforts and construct a message specific to that group of solo drivers coming from the same area. The marketing is more effective and personalized to the potential Ridesharers.
  10. Use the ETC network
    • A good resource for benchmarks in Rideshare Marketing and Events is the ETC network. Contact any of the ETCs who may be more experienced and draw on their knowledge of how to market and plan and implement events.

If you have any other questions regarding the Rideshare Program, please contact your ETC Manager or contact Kelly Ty, Countywide ETC at 213-974-1182 or email at