Vanpooling is another convenient way to rideshare in L.A. County. While carpooling is up to 4 people in a car, vanpooling is considered 5 or more person riding together to work and can even be as many as 15 people in one van. Vanpooling is definitely one way to put more money into your pocket instead of the gas tank. Share the cost by sharing the ride. Take Pride and Share the Ride.

Vanpool Resources

See how much money you can save by using the Vanpool Cost Calculator  Click Here

There are currently three vanpool service providers for Los Angeles County:

Learn about Commute with Enterprise vanpools Click Here

or call 1-800-VAN-4-WORK/ 1-800 826-4967

Learn about Airport Van Rental Click Here   or call 310 703-3794

Learn about Green Commuter at Click Here or call 1-844-4RIDEGC/ 1-844-474-3342

To learn more about vanpooling options outside of L.A. County, visit  Metro’s Vanpool Program Click Here