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Our mission is to promote Rideshare options as strategies that reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and commuter costs. The County of Los Angeles Internal Services Department (ISD) Rideshare sets Employee Commute Reduction Program (ECRP) and policy and coordinates implementation of uniform procedures through a Countywide Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) network.

Countywide ETC’s are responsible for promoting Rideshare at the worksite and implementing the Employee Commute Reduction Program (ECRP) plan, commonly known as Rideshare.  County worksites with 250 or more employees are required to implement an ECRP/ Rideshare program plan and keep documentation for three years.

The Rideshare Program

Ridesharing is a form of transportation we participate in when we share the ride, walk or bike instead of driving alone. Approximately 1.1 million people drive alone to work. That’s about 6 metric tons of CO2 emitted annually, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Ridesharing helps reduce that number. Increasing the amount of Ridesharing is not just a way to save money and time, but an excellent way to save the environment. You can save lives as well. See the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s video, “The Right To Breath” in our Videos section to the right to see how you can save lives by Ridesharing. Let’s all do our part and Rideshare? Take Pride and Share the Ride.

The Los Angeles County Rideshare Program, mandated by County Code Chapter 5.90, complies with the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Rule 2202 and the Federal Clean Air Act.

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