Metrolink trains are another convenient way to rideshare for work and personal commutes. Different from the Metro Rail lines, Metrolink trains travel longer distances from Palmdale all the way to Orange County and San Bernardino. Visit the Metrolink Website to see where their trains can take you!

Metrolink Resources

Ready to plan your trip? Whether it’s an everyday trip to work or a weekend getaway, you can use the Metro Trip Planner to help get you there!

Wondering how much money you can save ridesharing? Use Metro’s Commute Cost Calculator to see how much money you could save on your commute by ridesharing instead of driving solo.

Did you know? Metrolink is a great travel alternative for work AND for fun! Click on the images in the banner to learn more about affordable pricing for the Angels Express and to plan your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, the Upland Lemon Festival and more!

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