Carpool to Work

What is a Carpool?

A carpool is a group of people sharing the ride to work in a single vehicle and usually consists of two to four people. Carpooling to work is a great option for people in all areas of Los Angeles County and surrounding counties because it helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, which means overall less traffic and fuel emissions. Whether you work in Downtown Los Angeles, Norwalk, Lancaster or Santa Monica, there is likely a carpool option available in your area, and LA County Rideshare has the tools to get you started.

Public Health Van & Car pool Guidance Click Here

Benefits of Carpooling

Cost Effective

Carpooling to work splits the cost of the commute among all passengers.

Cost Sharing and Savings

It’s simple math. The cost of your commute (gas, parking, etc.) is now split among all carpool participants.


Carpools are available in a wide variety of locations close to work and home.

At Your Convenience

Increased availability means you have the ability to choose he best option for you, including pick up locations and times.


Carpool to work everyday or only some days. It's up to you!

Carpool On Your Own Terms

Whether you are the driver or passenger, you choose how often and when you carpool.

Worry-Free Riding

If you carpool to work, you always have a ride home in case of an emergency.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program gets you back to your vehicle in an emergency so you can tend to your matters.

Ready to Carpool?

Are you ready to carpool? Joining a carpool for the first time, changing carpools or publicizing the availability of your current carpool are all easy tasks when you have the right tools. Remember that different organizations offer various carpool options. To get started on one or more of these processes, check out the tabs to the right.