Vehicle Purchasing Services Program


The Vehicle Purchasing Services Program is temporarily suspended due to nationwide vehicle shortages and high demand. If you would like more information on purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle, please visit Please visit their website to obtain expert advice, access to a huge dealer network that guarantees you will have a pleasant car shopping experience, and get the best deal on your new hybrid or electric vehicle. Please send any inquiries to for any questions.

Vehicle Purchasing Services Program (VPSP)

On February 12, 2008 the Board of Supervisors established a Vehicle Purchasing Services Program (VPSP) for alternative fuel vehicles. The Program provides an incentive for County employees, retirees, family members, and contractors/sub-contractors to purchase “green” vehicles to help lessen the environmental impact when commuting to and from work.  To view the Chief Executive Officer’s recommendation, click here.

About the Program

  • Establishes pre-negotiated pricing agreements with dealerships within the County of Los Angeles
  • Discounted pricing for the purchase or lease of alternative fuel vehicles is available to all County employees, retirees, family members, and contractors/sub-contractors
  • Offers binding arbitration clauses to resolve disputes between participating dealerships and program participants

How it Works

  • Contact the dealer representative listed for each participating dealership
  • Identify yourself as a County employee, retiree, family member, or contractor/sub-contractor
  • Indicate that you are interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle through the County of Los Angeles’ VPSP
  • Select an alternative fuel vehicle and any added options
  • The dealership will provide you with the pricing according to the VPSP. You may request a copy of the vehicle invoice from the participating dealership prior to purchase.
  • Determine whether you want to accept the offer

Note: No County financing or payroll deductions will be available under the Program. Employees will be solely responsible for the purchasing and financing of the vehicles.

All selling prices shown may be subject to change based on the actual vehicle and additional options/accessories selected at the time of purchase.

To utilize the Program, you may contact the following participating dealerships:

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